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  • Fiona McGlynn offers a bottom-cleaning primer
  • The immutable pull of the sea stirs Butch Evans
  • Allen Penticoff reviews the sprightly Spirit 28 and Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • DIY: Paul Esterle adds an effective dual-fuel-filter system that doesn’t break the bank
  • Don Davies feels only joy for the sailor who enjoys the sweet seasons life offers
  • Drew Frye sings the praises of fishing underway with a Cuban yo-yo, Cliff Moore fashions an autopilot riser, and Gregg Nestor creates cowl screens
  • Robin Urquhart gets to the bottom of a puzzling overheating cause—what he found surprised us all
  • Plus a really big announcement…and much more

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What's New At Good Old Boat

Free Treasure for Allied Seawind Owners

Dennis Reitz at the Boatyard

More than 40 years ago, a dozen Allied Seawind owners formed an owners' association that eventually became the Seawind Owners Association. Through 2002, the association gathered individual boat information and published periodic newsletters detailing verified solutions and clever enhancements. At one time, all but 50 Allied Seawind owners were members. When the organization disbanded, one member, This Old Boat author Don Casey, wound up with the treasure trove of Seawind Owners Association files. Recognizing the value of the information in these files to Seawind owners, and realizing that in the back of his closet these files are inaccessible to all but one Seawind owner, Don Casey scanned every membership form, every correspondence, every newsletter, every sketch, and every photo and copied those files onto DVDs. Any Seawind owner out there who wants a copy of this DVD can email Don at boatwrite@earthlink.net and he will happily share one with you.

Photo above: Don Casey's Allied Seawind, Richard Cory, anchored in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, Grenada, in 2015.

In Memory
Glen Lewis Witt

Glenn Lewis Witt

Glen Lewis Witt, prolific boat designer and founder of Glen-L Marine Designs of Bellflower, California, passed away June 13, 2017 at 98 years old. His daughter reports that Glen never really retired, he came to the office every day up until a few years ago, designing his last boat, the Torpedo, at age 94. Glen was a pioneer in DIY boat building plans, patterns, and kits industry. Thousands of home builders around the world completed his sail and power boat designs. Over the years, four of his designs were featured on the cover of Popular Mechanics. But more remarkable than Glen's professional legacy is the outpouring of affection expressed by his daughter, Gayle Witt Brantuk, and former close colleague, Ken Hankinsen, in the news release of his passing. By all accounts, he was a kind man.


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Over the Horizon

Ellis at Sea

Watch a first-time sailor on the trip of a lifetime, a sailing journey from New Zealand throughout the South Pacific. Ellis Emmett is a lifelong adventurer and his story is captured in the documentary, Over the Horizon. The first episode of the series begins July 11 (with a new episode airing weekly thereafter). Outside TV Features is a new channel full of adventure-oriented programming, both shorts and features. Download their free app to watch anytime on your iOS or Android device, or watch on your TV via Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon. Check out the preview on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOp40zb_bQ4

Over the Hoizon_Epic

Just what you're looking for

Will you be heading offshore soon or taking a long coastal cruise? Are you planning to buy a boat? Sell one? Do you need new sails? Are you interested in spars and rigging?

Sails articles

We have more of what you're looking for. We just completed and posted full collections of our archived articles (we call them Archive eXtractions) on these subjects:

  • Sails
  • Rigging
  • Cruising Preparations
  • Boat Buyers Collection

These collections are available as downloads from AudioSeaStories.com, our store for downloads and clothing, for only $25 each. This useful content is as relevant today as when it was first published and we're proud to offer it to you.

Sailing videos galore!

YouTube Sailing channels

Do you want to stay informed and entertained when you can't go sailing? This article (just published in our March 2017 issue) gives you nearly 30 YouTube channels and other ways to find uncountable videos . . . all with a salty theme.



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