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Good Old Boat magazine is the right place for your marine advertising for two very important reasons:

  • Our readers are committed do-it-yourself types (not charterers, dreamers, or new-boat owners)
  • Our ads are very affordable

Look around any marina: most of the sailboats there did not come with the latest electronic gear, roller furlers, or winches. So good old boaters are updating their boats. They are buying or building new dinghies. Some are preparing for extended cruising. They're getting radar, survival gear, sea anchors and drogues, windvanes, hard dodgers, power-generating equipment, watermakers, and purifiers.

Their sailboats are in need of new canvaswork, ports and hatches, teak decking, and paint. They are doing this work themselves or paying to have it done. They're replacing their sails, rerigging, and repowering. Some need new ovens, wiring, cushions and coverings. While they're at it, they are waxing the hulls to revive the shine, scrubbing and redoing the brightwork that previous owners may have neglected, fighting mildew, and cleaning the tanks.

Sailors today feel the need for modifications that were not available when their boats were new: folding propellers, interior refits, teak-and-holly soles, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, hot water heaters and pressure systems.

Whether through desire or necessity, good old boaters are bringing their sailboats to like-new condition. Because they spent less to buy their boats initially, they find it easier to justify the expense of new hardware and equipment. Most have spent as much on modifications as they spent to buy their boats to begin with.

No one has more projects than a good old boater! And welcome aboard! As the kinder, gentler, sailing publisher, we will treat you right. You'll see!

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