Why Advertise In Good Old Boat Magazine?

We’ve got your market!

Our readers are looking for your products. They are the people who have a passion for their boats and for sailing them. They’re the people in the boatyards at the beginning of each sailing season cleaning and prepping surfaces and installing new whatevers. In a Readers’ Survey conducted in the late fall of 2007, we learned what they have done and are planning to do on their boats:
  • 91% of our readers own sailboats
  • 92% of our readers do minor repairs
  • 50% do major repairs
  • 88% do routine maintenance
  • 77% do their own boat improvements

Did we mention passionate? Nearly all (94%) of our readers keep their back issues for future reference. (That means they keep your ad also.) Oh yes, and 48% lend their copies to other sailors (although they’re likely to keep the lendees’ driver’s licenses or boat keys until those issues are returned safely).

Good old boats need maintenance and upkeep and our readers are doing their work themselves:

  • 94% do the cleaning and waxing
  • 84% install their own deck hardware
  • 83% do the woodwork and varnishing
  • 76% do their own rigging maintenance
  • 74% do the bottom painting

Our readers install their own new equipment too:

  • 75% install all new rigging and deck hardware
  • 66% install their own electronics
  • 53% install a variety of other systems, such as plumbing, refrigeration, and heating or air conditioning
  • 91% get their installation and do-it-yourself info from magazines

Your ad counts

  • 84% used information in the magazine to work on a boat
  • 61% purchased a product or service advertised in the magazine
  • 55% used information in the magazine to advise someone else
  • 54% requested information on a product or service advertised in the magazine
  • 52% talked about a product advertised in the magazine

Our Magazine's Reach

  • Good Old Boat reaches 143,000 sailing enthusiasts annually

We treat your ad right

Besides the fact that we’ve got your market, there are other reasons for advertising with us.

  • Readers of other sailing magazines often own new boats which need relatively little aftermarket support. Or they charter in exotic places with none of the responsibilities of ownership. Our readers have the skills and confidence to upgrade their own boats and fix them when things break. They want to know where to find the parts and services. If you’ve got what they need, they want to hear from you.

  • Your ad is not lost in our magazine. When was the last time you tried to find your ad in one of the popular sailing magazines, and you couldn’t locate it … even though you knew it was there? We limit the percentage of advertising in our issues so your ad doesn’t get lost.

  • Our distribution is North American: we have readers in every state and province.

  • We have your company posted on our website (let us know if we don’t or it’s incorrect). More than 60,000 sailors stop by our website to look something up each month. One popular page is our large directory of marine suppliers <http://www.goodoldboat.com/resources_ for_sailors/suppliers_directory>. Your listing is gratis. No strings.

Our editorial focus

Good Old Boat, the sailing magazine for the rest of us, is a well-established and highly regarded bimonthly sailing magazine. We focus on the needs of do-it-yourself sailors everywhere who do their own refits, maintenance, and upgrades to sailboats they own and love.

Advertisers’ newsletter

A few weeks before ad close, we send out a friendly reminder. It may even include advertiser specials! Look for it in your email box.