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Current issue highlights: Lancer 27 PS review, Westerly Pageant 23 review.

Speaking seriously: Weather watch: Weather maps, part 2; Fundamentals of stability, part 1; Out-of-date flares; Sail power (generating electricity via the prop shaft); Maximizing headroom; How sailing can pay its own bills; Fresh salads without a fridge; Wobbly winches; Ramblings about dinghies; Installing air conditioning; another way to stay cool.

Lighter fare: He was talked into a boat; Reflections: Midges en masse; Simple solutions: WiFi on the hook; Quick and Easys: Tiller tamer and Shroud telltales; Product launchings; The view from here: A prescription for health.

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May 2016 issue
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July 2016 issue
Print: June 20-24
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