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  • James Baldwin shares the beautiful and effective (and hidden) outboard mounts/wells he's built on several classic sailboats (including his own Pearson Triton)
  • Drew Frye explains galled threads, and how to prevent galling
  • Gregg Nestor reviews the Cape Dory 30 MkII; Rob Mazza offers his design comparison
  • DIY: Tom Alley converts an icebox to a refrigerated space and David Lochner shows us how to make a useful wrench wrap
  • La Rata! Ed Zacko finds an unwelcome stowaway in Spain — you won’t believe the story that unfolds
  • Ann Hoffner downsizes to a 28-foot Pearson and shares what she learned
  • Sailing without seeing? Alexandra Ligouri has been sailing with blind crewmates and skippers for a while and shares this world with the sighted
  • Plus a refit, magic ladders, a first coral atoll, and much more!

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November/December 2018
Print: October 22 - 26
Digital: October 24
Newsstands: October 30

What's New At Good Old Boat

by Jim Shell

Shoreside Cooking Hack

We occasionally go to potluck events in our marina where four or five couples are trying to cook their food on a single gas/charcoal grill. There is usually too much food to cook on the grill at one time and we struggle to jockey the food so we all can eat at the same time. Side dishes in pots are usually cooked aboard and brought up the dock to shore to sit and get cold.

No more. We recently discovered the classic hobo stove, a DIY disposable cooking method that is easy, effective, and requires only a tin can and twigs. There are many commercial versions of this stove available in varying sophistications, but why buy something you do not know you need until you need it, something you can make from cans in your trash?

Click Here to read how to build your own.

Good Old Boat Videos

Music for the Golden Globe Race

Check out our latest videos on the Good Old Boat YouTube channel! We're now adding videos regularly. Some videos are supplements to articles in Good Old Boat and The Dogwatch, others will stand alone. In the our Sept 2018 issue, for example, they'll be able to read David Lochner's article about sewing a wrap for wrenches, and then click to watch a video which walks you through making one. It's a added perspective we hope you enjoy. Pictured above is from Fionna McGlynn's video about how, Golden Glober Racer, Mark Sinclair, is going to listen to music while racing; a delightful supplement to Fionna's article on the Golden Globe Race in our, July/August 2018 issue. Be sure to watch!

Click here to check out our current videos.

Do you have a video you want to share on our channel? Send michael_r@goodoldboat.com an email.


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The Sea is not Full

The Sea Is Not Full: Ocean Sailing Revelations and Misadventures, by Charles J. Doane (Seapoint Books, 2017, 356 pages; $24.95 print).
Review by Jeremy McGeary

Plumbelly, by Gary S. Maynard (Flat Hammock Press, 2018, 227 pages; $24.94 hardcover print, $14.99 Kindle edition)
Review by Gregg Bruff

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Do you know what a gam is? In Moby Dick, Herman Melville described a gam as “A social meeting of two (or more) whaleships, generally on a cruising-ground; when, after exchanging hails, they exchange visits by boats’ crews…”

Seven Seas Cruising Association (the oldest and largest worldwide organization supporting the liveaboard and cruising lifestyle) has announced the dates and location of the 2018 Annapolis Gam: Truxton Park in the City of Annapolis on September 29th and 30th, just days prior to the start of the United States Sailboat Show. This will be the 30th year in a row that SSCA has hosted a gam in the Annapolis area.

More information about the presentations and registration is available at www.ssca.org.



The Newport International Boat Show will take place September 13th through 16th, 2018 at the Newport Yachting Center located in downtown Newport, Rhode Island. This show, which combines power and sail and is among the largest of the in-the-water shows, has been going strong since 1970. For more info: www.newportboatshow.com.

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