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  •  Robb Lovell is back with the final part of his PHRF series, this one on racing rules
  •  David Lynn talks ferrites and Drew Frye talks emergency steering
  •  DIY: Jim Donovan fixes boat stand corrosion and Cory Carpenter shares an easy protective sock solution for the headsail
  • Branden Ford reviews the Columbia 43 and Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • Good Old Boat founder Karen Larson cruises Kentucky Lakes and Craig Moodie goes beyond Seal Rocks
  •  Plus a boatyard odyssey, and much more!

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July/August 2019
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What's New At Good Old Boat

Consider Buying New
by Michael Robertson

Minney's Yacht Surplus

Buying new often makes sense. But when you’re in the market for a boat part, take a minute to consider whether that part is likely to be found used at a consignment or surplus store.

I remember each year carpooling down to Minney’s Yacht Surplus in Southern California for their annual parking-lot swap meet. It was an event. We’d wake excited and arrive before sunrise to find hundreds of people already doing business, flashlights in hand.

Recently the owner of Second Wave at the Boatyard, a consignment store in Gig Harbor, Washington, contacted me and reminded me of the greatness of these resources — and they’re everywhere there’s a concentration of boats. Many independent chandlers even dedicate a small part of their store to used boat stuff, usually items on consignment.

The savings are often spectacular for these “experienced” parts. So, when you’re in need of something that’s likely to be available used, take a minute to take a look. Besides, many of these stores look like the artful rendering of the Minney’s store above, the kind of place in which you’re liable to find that exactly perfect thing you weren’t looking for.

Good Old Boat Videos

Drew Frye Small Solar Installation

Check out our latest videos on the Good Old Boat YouTube channel! We're now adding videos regularly. Some videos are supplements to articles in Good Old Boat and The Dogwatch, others will stand alone. In the our March April issue, for examples, read Drew Frye's article about Small Scale Solar. Then watch his video about his installation. It's a added perspective we hope you enjoy. Be sure to watch!
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Do you have a video you want to share on our channel? Send michael_r@goodoldboat.com an email.


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Jeanne Socrates Pre-departure mini-documentary

Cavan Lyons, a documentary film student at Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies in Washington, traveled to Victoria, Vancouver, this past August to spend time with 76-year-old Jeanne Socrates ahead of her early-October departure on a voyage that, when completed, will result in Jeanne being the oldest person to ever have sailed solo, non-stop, unassisted around the world (she is already the oldest woman to have completed this feat).

Being a film student, Cavan brought his camera and produced an outstanding 12-minute mini-documentary that really communicates who Jeanne is. After watching it, you’ll feel like you spent the day with Jeanne aboard her boat.

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A Drop in the Ocean
by Jasna Tuta 
(Independently Published, 2018; 192 pages;
$12.00 print, $5.99 digital) 
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The Impractical Boat Owner
by Dave Selby
(Adlard Coles, 2017; 112 pages, 
$14.00 print) 
Review by Tom Wells

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