Classified Ad Submission

If you are a current subscriber to Good Old Boat Magazine, you can submit one free online text ad per year. If you are not a subscriber, the cost of an online text ad is $40.

The cost to include a photo is $20 - even for subscribers.

The cost to include your boat ad in the upcoming magazine is $35 - even for subscribers.

If there are any fees associated with your classified ad, please call Karla at 701-952-9433 with a credit card number after submitting your classified ad.

See our classified guidelines for more information on posting classifieds.

Are you getting an Upload Error? Remove any apostrophes (') for feet or quotes (") for inches that you may have included with the length of your boat. For instance, is your boat is 30 feet, fill in only the number 30, not 30'. Or if you have an O'Day, do not include the apostrophe in the word, simply fill in the word ODay.

If you have submitted an ad and would like to update it or report that the item has been sold, please contact us.

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