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Jerry's Survey

Release Date: October 16, 2012

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Jerry's Survey

The whole survey thing has become over-commercialized and annoying. These days surveys are written to be analyzed by computers. The organizations involved in the surveys try to manipulate the responses. How many times have you heard: "The parent company considers anything below a 10 to be a bad grade, so please tell us first (here at the local hotel or restaurant) if we haven't earned a 10 with you."

I don't even fill out surveys anymore.

So here is my promise to you. This survey will do none of that. There will only be two questions, and Karen and I will personally read every response we get. Nothing will be processed by a computer or even by other members of the Good Old Boat staff.

First Question
You first. What's on your mind? Tell us what we need to know -- not what we'd like to hear -- so we can keep giving you a high-quality experience when you read Good Old Boat magazine. (Open-ended essay question.)

Second Question
Background: The publishing world is changing. The economy is down and revenue streams from old faithfuls like advertising and newsstands are way off for most publishers, Good Old Boat included. We need to think outside the box and do new and different things with and for our readers. In recent years we've produced audiobooks, offered a variety of T-shirts, and created CDs and downloads of our back issues. Now we're starting to create some article collections on specific subjects for download and we'll soon be coming out with a digital subscription. All these things work; each has brought in a bit of revenue to supplement what we earn by publishing our magazine.

So Here's My Question: What kinds of products and services can we offer for sale to you and other sailors? What needs do you have that we haven't yet addressed? (Yup, another essay question.)

That is it, just two questions. Thanks for reading my survey. I hope you'll send us your opinions and suggestions. We will carefully consider every response we get.

Jerry Powlas, Co-founder and Technical Editor
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