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Good Old Boat Regatta in Annapolis

Release Date: October 5, 2015

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Good Old Boat Regatta in Annapolis

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Well folks, the absolutely crummy weather is about gone from Annapolis and next weekend looks promising. If you haven't signed up yet, give it a thought.

Race information (Read me, maps, etc.) has been added to the Shearwater Sailing Club website at: The final starting sequence and classes will be posted and emailed later this week.

The Skippers's meeting is Friday the 9th and free party (food, drinks, music) after the race on the 10th.

This year, we will have a shorthanded class in the event (2 person maximum). Entry is in the CHESSS class on the application. Presently, that looks like a spinnaker class.

If you are looking to add a crew member or two, we have couple people looking for a slot. Experienced sailors whose boat just happens to be in the islands.

Charlie Husar

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