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Your small boat has big plans

Release Date: November 24, 2010

Please remember that these news items were important at the time of their release, but no longer have any urgency. So it is not necessary to follow up on them.News from the Press Gang

If you have a pocket cruiser sitting on a trailer near your house,
listen carefully.

Here's what it has been saying to you:
Take me to Arizona in February!

All trailerable sailboats want to be part of the activities at the fourth annual Lake Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention, February 14-21. If you haven't heard of this big wintertime "small boats bash," your boat has. This event attracts more participants, increases in number of activities, and encompasses more days every year. Boats have been bringing their sailors from all over the U.S. and Canada. Once they have visited, most return. More than 125 boats have registered already for this year's event. There will be racing, cruising, seminars, dock walks, parties, and more. For more details including who's signed up, what kinds of boats, a description of seminars offered, a Google map of where participants are coming from, and a 10-minute promotional video describing the event, visit the website at <>.

Good Old Boat magazine has signed on as a sponsor. Editors Karen and Jerry will show up with their own trailerable boat in the future (as soon as their project boat is fit for sea). Even though we won't be represented this February, our message is that you really should listen to what your boat's telling you: There's nothing quite like a winter getaway to Lake Havasu on the Arizona border with California, especially if that getaway involves sailing activities with scores of like-minded boats and their sailors.

For more on Arizona's Lake Havasu: <>.

In other news from the Good Old Boat headquarters:

We have a few new videos posted and a couple of super-short slide shows. The videos focus on our guitar entertainment (and singalong fun) at the recent Annapolis Sailboat Show and show our appreciation for the many volunteers who come to help out at the Good Old Boat booth.



The slide shows feature the highlights of the editors' summer cruise: A chance encounter with the tall ship Europa and the incredible territorial display by a couple of loons.



The Europa is a three-masted barque that can carry up to 30 sails. Her sparred length (including that bowsprit!) is 185 feet and her mast height is 109 feet. She was built in 1911 and claims The Hague in the Netherlands as her home port. You can see more at <>.

We're wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


Karen, Jerry, and the crew at Good Old Boat

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