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Release Date: November 25, 2015

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Happy Thanksgiving from Good Old Boat!

This year, we're again offering a boating alternative to Thanksgiving TV viewing. We think you're going to love getting instant access to this playlist of seven videos by specifically selected to match the interests of Good Old Boat readers.

The seven videos range from old-school sailing skills to a hot new nesting/sailing dinghy. First up, watch Harry Bryan's ingenious way of out-smarting a 24-foot tide to put away his daysailer for the season.

Harry Bryan

Be sure to sign up for instant access to the full playlist of seven free videos that has designed for Good Old Boat readers. You'll also get their holiday offer to become a member that includes a complimentary gift membership you can give to a friend (as well as a free OCH hat).

Happy Thanksgiving!

The crew at Good Old Boat

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