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Good Old Boat Regatta
St. Petersburg, FL - January 23, 2010

Release Date: December 11, 2009

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Think: Florida! Think: Fun race!
Put January 23 on your calendar! We'll see you there!

Be the first on your block or in your yacht club to race in the brand-new Good Old Boat Regatta in St. Petersburg, Florida. In magazine terms, that'd be like being a charter subscriber. In Good Old Boat Regatta terms, it's just a lot of fun and -- once hooked at this first race -- you can make an annual event of it. In the years to come you'll then have bragging rights about never having missed one. Think of the prestige (or scandal)!

The St. Petersburg Sailing Association will host its first-ever Good Old Boat Regatta the weekend of January 23, 2010, with an informal social event beginning on the evening of Friday, January 22, before the race. By race day on Saturday, the 23rd the club expects to generate fond memories, wild exaggerations, and suspicious scuttlebutt aplenty . . . certainly enough to last until the second annual event in 2011. In spite of being run in an organized way by a genuine race committee, this will be a fun race for all. Protests won't happen. If winter's beginning to drag you down already, consider this: the average January St. Pete air temperature is 70 degrees and the average wind is 9 knots.

If you sail a good old boat, plan to attend this event. Bring your own or come crew on someone else's boat. In the best tradition of Good Old Boat Regattas, we anticipate boat-boasting, partying, and fun for all. You are expected to tell wild tales such as how you found your boat sunk under 100 feet of water, swam it to the surface, and completely restored it for less than $10. You will be required to provide tours of your vessel and to brag about the world-class races it won in its day. You may even be called upon to name the famous previous owners. (Who'll know? It's your story. Tell 'em you're stickin' to it.)

Participating boats will be placed in logical divisions and race around fixed navigation aids. Typical courses are 7 to 12 miles. Interested? Send an email message to Steve Lang at with questions and to get on the "who's coming" list.

The SPSA is a non-profit organization that has been hosting regular PHRF and one-design races since 1972 and sails out of the St. Petersburg Sailing Center <>. The Good Old St. Petersburg Yacht Club (which held its 100th anniversary in 2009) will be the scene of the laid-back Friday evening pre-race event and the Saturday-night post-race party <>.

A Notice of Race is posted at Some details may change as entries accumulate.

Your stalwart Good Old Boat editors (that’d be Karen Larson and Jerry Powlas) will be there for the weekend event. Come on down! We’ll see you there!

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