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Release Date: December 27, 2012

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Our thanks to all

Question: How many ideas can be suggested by 327 sailors?
Answer: Many!

Not long ago we sent a document -- now known as "Jerry's survey" -- to all our subscribers. It asked:
1) What do you want to tell us?
2) What do you need from us/what other products/services could we offer you?

Those open-ended questions resulted in at least one thoughtful suggestion each from 327 subscribers and dozens of good ideas from many of them. It was as if we'd uncorked champagne. Ideas bubbled forth! (If you did not respond, no regrets. Your thoughts were, no doubt, well represented by your fellow readers!)

Because we were asking for fresh ways to increase our business, many believed this survey to be a cry for help. It was not. Good Old Boat will be here for you. We're being proactive because we recognize that the publishing industry is in flux (think: death of some newsstands, decline in advertisers, and digital media revolution). Seeing all this, we got out our crystal ball and took a hard look ahead and then we asked our readers to give us their opinions as well.

One common theme from our readers is that our content (issues, back issues, and collections of articles by subject) is our biggest asset. All the rest is just "window dressing." But many other good ideas will help us make the most of our content, improve our website, increase our advertising, develop our involvement in the sailing community, and improve the products we offer.

In addition to all those good ideas, we received the usual confusing blend of mixed messages. Some want us to cover more large boats. Others want us to cover more small boats. More boat reviews. Fewer boat reviews. More technical articles. Simpler articles please. You get the idea. This tells us our mix -- as we have it -- is about right and we're sticking to it.With our very lean staff, we can't pursue all the ideas we were given. We will select among them, try some things, and see how our readers react. You may recognize some gradual change in the months and years ahead. Think: evolution, not revolution.

Thanks to all who gave us their thoughts. Your input has been very, very worthwhile.


The Good Old Boat Crew

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