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100 Life-Aboard Tips

Release Date: December 30, 2015

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Help us reach 100!

When we started our big idea in early August this year -- to post 100 useful tips for sailors on Facebook and Twitter -- we had no idea how much fun we'd be creating for ourselves or our readers. We've posted several Life-Aboard Tips every week since then.

Now, as we near 75 tips and can see the 100-mark in sight, we're looking for your good ideas to add to the collection. Some of the tips are about safety and convenience. Some are about recycling products and containers for further use aboard. Some are just fun. They're meant for all kinds of sailors: coastal cruisers, passagemakers, and liveaboards.

Please visit our Facebook page and add yours. All sailors are innovators by nature. What small/big idea has worked for you on your boat? Email your suggestions to or just add your tips on Facebook.

If you'd rather read the short version of our many tips, we've also posted each on Twitter in 140 characters or less: @GoodOldBoat.

Happy New Year!

The Good Old Boat Crew


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