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Aurora Marine offers exclusive 10-percent discount to subscribers

Release Date: December 9, 2013

These news items were important at the time of their release, but no longer have any urgency. They are here as archive copies.

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Following an earlier affiliate agreement with Good Old Boat, Aurora Marine is sweetening the deal with a special 10-percent discount offer exclusively for Good Old Boat subscribers. Click on the red Affiliate button on the Good Old Boat home page to be transported to a page where your name and zip code will verify your subscriber status and grant your special discount. The savings on boat cleaning products you'd use anyway could pay for your subscription each year.

Although this offer cannot be combined with other offers, you can still take advantage of the company's weekly specials. For example, if a product you want has a limited time 25-percent discount, you can take advantage of that while getting your exclusive subscriber 10 percent off on any other products you order. In addition, Aurora normally has a free shipping offer, so check to see if your order qualifies. For those in the U.S., since these products ship from Canada, no tax will be added.

Aurora Marine began with two boat cleaning products in 1980 and has grown to include everything you need to get your boat pristine, from top to bottom and bow to stern, no matter whether your boat is fiberglass, hypalon, or PVC.

They have specialty products for:

  • Removing waterline stains
  • Deep cleaning and polishing non-skid decks without making them slippery
  • Washing sails
  • Foggy port light restoration
  • Converting salt spots into polish
  • Long lasting protective polish for you hull
  • Stopping the stinkies with holding tank chemicals that even pull out permeation odors from hoses
  • Cleaning bilges and removing bilge odors
  • Removing black streaks
  • Fender and rub rail cleaners
  • Mast cleaners and restorers
  • Cleaning and restoring teak wood

A full line of products to clean and protect inflatables, products so good they're recommended by most major boat manufacturers. The full Aurora Products catalogue is available from

These aren't repackaged products you could just as easily find at your local big box store. Aurora Boat Care Products were created by boaters and chemists especially for use in marine conditions using the latest environment-friendly chemical technologies. These products have been developed, tested, and used for many years by satisfied sailors. Read the online testimonials at If you have boat maintenance questions, go to the Ask the Skipper blog. More than a million boat owners have read this blog.

Click on the "Our Affiliates" button at and get to know the boat cleaning folks at Aurora Marine. They're so confident you'll love their products they offer this guarantee: If you aren't happy with the results you get, they will refund your money.

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