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Sorry, Wrong Number

Release Date: February 21, 2014

These news items were important at the time of their release, but may no longer have any urgency. They are here as archive copies.

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Sorry, wrong number!

We published an erroneous phone number in our March 2014 issue. In an article on page 65 about the Halyard Handler, there was a typo in the phone number listed for Tom Stevens, a mechanical engineer who developed a nifty way to prevent halyards from slapping on the mast.

Tom mentioned in this article that he would be happy to provide a sketch and parts list to anyone who has the ability to TIG weld and would like to build his own Halyard Handler. Tom's company, Indigo Electronics, will offer a marketable Halyard Handler in the near future and Tom invited those who are interested to check his website at from time to time for updates. He also gave us his email address as The website and email address are correct.

THIS is the phone number for calling Tom Stevens and his company, Indigo Electronics: 800-428-8569.

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