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Release Date: March 8, 2010

Please remember that these news items were important at the time of their release, but may no longer have any urgency. So it is not necessary to follow up on them.

The Good Old Boat Wet T-shirt Contest …
and other news

We often do things differently at Good Old Boat. That's partly because we don't know any better and partly because we deliberately choose the road less traveled. Our Wet T-shirt Contest is different from other T-shirt contests because this shirt will only get wet if you fall overboard, go swimming while wearing one, or get caught in the rain. Still, we did rivet your attention for a minute, didn't we?

What we're looking for are some new catchy slogans to put on more good old T-shirts. What are your suggestions for the catchiest, pithiest, most clever witticism or most heartfelt slogan having to do with sailing? What few words would you be proud to wear aboard and in the marina?

Send your suggestions to Michael Facius ( by Friday, April 9. Michael will round up a bottle of red wine and a team of impartial judges (sailors all) and select his favorites. He'll announce the five finalists in our June newsletter. We'll ask the visitors who show up at our booth at the Oakland Strictly Sail Show, April 15 to 18, to vote for their favorite among the finalists.

If your slogan is one of the top five selected by Michael's judging gang, you'll win a free subscription to Good Old Boat (and a free T-shirt, once the new ones are available). If your slogan is one of the top two winning the vote of our boat show visitors, you'll also win a $100 coupon to spend in our Good Old Boat store for other logo wear of your choice (we have ball caps, fleece, denim shirts, and even gift subscriptions, if you'd like to spend your dollars on gifts for crew, family, or friends).

New videos

In other news from the Good Old Boat headquarters, have you seen any of our new videos yet? They're at:

We're gradually building up a collection of videos about cooking aboard in a small space, boat tours, and how-to projects. The galley segments, Cookin' on a Hook, include how to live with an alcohol stove and baking bread aboard. The boat tours, called Dock Walks, have been off to a slow start with just one so far in which you'll meet a Glander Tavana 33 and her owner.

The newest of these include a couple in our how-to section, Boat Projects. These now include one on installing a radar antenna on the split backstay, another short one in which the editors brag about their new deck paint job, and the brand-new ones about adding telltale windows in a jib and winch maintenance.

If you'd like to add to our growing collection, contact Michael Facius,, for formatting information and recommendations regarding content and process.

Two new back issue CDs

And one more short announcement: we just released two more years of Good Old Boat back issues on CD. They're in PDF format and work on Macs and PCs. The newest ones are for the years 2004 and 2005. That means we now have seven CDs available at and every article that we've produced is available for reference either in print or in PDF format (and in some cases in either format).

The Good Old Boat crew

P.S. Thanks to more than 40 folks who have expressed interest in helping at Melita Island Boy Scout Camp on Flathead Lake in Montana. Those of us who work at Good Old Boat are so very fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful group of people. We remain convinced that sailors are the best sort of folks on the planet.

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