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Release Date: April 28, 2009

Please remember that these news items were important at the time of their release, but no longer have any urgency. So it is not necessary to follow up on them.

Dear Good Old Boater,

Experienced sailor Tommy Cook has created an incredible summer adventure for himself: he'll be solo sailing from Minnesota to Alaska via the Northwest Passage, over the top of the world. In order to do that, he has, err, pushed the Great Lakes sailing season a bit, leaving Two Harbors, Minnesota, on April 6 before the ice was off the lake. (Preparation for what is to come, perhaps? Clearly he knows it's a long way to go in a season so it's prudent to start early!)

Here's Tommy's web page:

What is most refreshing is that Tommy is not looking for fame. He's not out to set a record. There are no sponsors. He isn't asking for donations for a cause. This comment is on his web page: "Those of you born with that sense of quiet unrest that compels you to know what lies around the bend, over the hill, or beyond the horizon will need no explanation as to why."

A sailor from Port Angeles, Washington, Tommy trucked his Corsair F-31 trimaran, Cap'n Lem, across the country to Minnesota, starting overland on March 24. The boat is equipped with a Dickinson heater that will be one of Tommy's best friends on this voyage. He's capturing some magical shots of an icy Lake Superior long before the local Lake Superior sailors have their boats launched. Even big ship traffic is a bit rare on the Great Lakes right now.

Take a look from time to time and follow Tommy's exploits.

Karen, Jerry, and the Good Old Boat Crew

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