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Release Date: May 12, 2009

Please remember that these news items were important at the time of their release, but no longer have any urgency. So it is not necessary to follow up on them.

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Good Old Boat reader (and occasional author) Rob Lucey and his wife,
Jo, started a new regional boating magazine in North Carolina a couple
of years ago:

Now that they've done a lot of the hard stuff (we can attest that
getting a new magazine up and going is not easy), Jo has been offered a
job she can't refuse which will move the couple to Houston. We wish
them luck and pass this opportunity along to our readers. There's no
job security like working for yourself!

Rob writes: "I'll do an issue or two remotely, but we hope somebody
will adopt our child and continue where we leave off. If you know of
any hapless sorts who would like to make a living in the nautical
publishing trade while enjoying life in the Carolinas, send 'em our

Here's a classified ad Rob wrote for publication in their magazine:

Caroling Currents magazine

Regional Boating Magazine For Sale. Great business for a boating
enthusiast or somebody who enjoys the waterfront lifestyle in the
Carolinas. Ideal home-based opportunity anywhere along the coast or
inland lakes. This three-year-old publication remains consistently
profitable. Includes web edition and boat show event. Contact ProBiz
Consulting, 919-863-4160,

Karen, Jerry, and the Good Old Boat crew

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