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Release Date: June 4, 2010

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Hats off to Vern Hobbs

Hats off to Vern Hobbs, a frequent contributor to Good Old Boat magazine, who has just written and found a publisher for his first book. (That's sort of like hitting the Trifecta in the book writing world.) While it's not a sailing book, we enjoyed Vern's new book so much we thought it worth mentioning to our readers. It is a work of fiction about the people in a small coastal community in Florida. Vern's tale shows how a community is affected by a fishing net ban, the local development of a large casino, and strong political winds that blow all the way from Tallahassee. 

Called Flying Fish, the book is great fun with a twist of detective-style intrigue and exceptional character development as the local newspaper editor and others in town find themselves at the vortex of change, take charge, and discover new strengths and abilities in themselves and the community as a whole.

Our hats are also off to the publisher of this book, Aberdeen Bay, which was willing to take a chance on a brand-new author. For more about this book and other titles selected by Aberdeen Bay, go to:

Happy sails to you!

Karen, Jerry, and the crew at Good Old Boat

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