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Release Date: June 23, 2011

Please remember that these news items were important at the time of their release, but no longer have any urgency. So it is not necessary to follow up on them.

We're letting it all hang out

Karen and Jerry are at it again . . . blogging about the summer sailing season, that is. Last year they spent three months cruising on Lake Superior in a counter-clockwise circumnavigation. If you go cruising all summer, there's much to report and that's what they did:

But what can they say this year? Their boat's not launched, they're mired in boatyard projects, and spring has slipped into summer. Well, actually, if you DON'T go cruising, but WISH you were out there cruising, there's much to report.

Both are writing about their boatyard projects (and there are MANY) from a technical and philosophical point of view. If that weren't enough, Karen's gone off on a soliloquy or two about tall ships. She was bitten by the bug last summer on the big cruise and it only got worse when she had a chance to climb the rigging of the barque Elissa in Galveston earlier this year. Tune in for an earful.

Happy summer to all!

The Good Old Boat crew

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