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Owner's reviews of the Bayfield 29and the Gozzard 31

Release Date: July 14, 2016

These news items were important at the time of their release, but may no longer have any urgency. They are here as archive copies.

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Owners' reviews of the Bayfield 29 and the Gozzard 31

We are looking for input from current and former owners of Bayfield 29s and Gozzard 31s for upcoming boat reviews. Do you know someone who owns or has owned one? If yes, please forward this message to that sailor.

Please send your comments to Dan Spurr at: by July 28.

Specifically, Dan wants to know about:
· sailing characteristics (good and bad)
· level of quality in the build
· what you like most about the boat
· what you like least about the boat
· specific problems you and others have had with this boat, like a leaky hull/deck joint
· advice you would give to someone considering buying this boat

If neither of these are boats you've sailed in the past, please stay tuned for future messages. We're bound to come upon one that is or has been in your collection over the years. Right now, if you have had experience with either a Bayfield 29 or a Gozzard 31, we're anxious to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your experience with "the rest of us"!


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