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This is the website of Good Old Boat Magazine, a bi-monthly sailing magazine published by Good Old Boat, Inc.

Our Business office address is:
1300 Evergreen Drive NW
Jamestown, ND 58401-2204

The above office address can answer questions about Subscriptions and Circulation. For Editorial information please contact our editor, Michael Robertson, at

Inquiries can be directed to Karla Sandness or by phone at 701-952-9433, Mon – Thurs, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time. Other staff contacts and their email addresses are listed on our website.

We do not sell your information to anyone! Ever! It's that simple.

We will use your e-mail only under the following circumstances:
  • To advise you when it is time to renew (this is generally about when we send out your last issue, allowing you about two months to renew. Then possibly a second e-mail about two months later if we haven’t heard from you).
  • To advise you of the posting of the current newsletter.
  • To advise you of timely, important information.
  • If there is a problem with your subscription, renewal, delivery of your magazines/products, or data base information that makes contact necessary.
  • You may opt out of any of these contacts by emailing Brenda and advising which contacts you do not feel are appropriate use of your e-mail address.

Our website uses banner advertising serving software which will place a temporary Internet file (cookie) on your computer’s hard drive. This is done in order to properly report advertising impressions to companies who advertise with us on our website. Cookies are also used to display particular “pop-up” windows and to set identifiers as to which of the pages on our website are viewed. Please note: No personal information (i.e., e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, etc.) is ever stored with cookies.

We will use your postal address only for the purposes of renewal notification, a rare reader’s survey, or as an emergency contact if there is a problem with your subscription, renewal, or magazine/product delivery.

We will use your phone number only if we need to reach you about a pressing problem with your subscription, renewal, or magazine/product delivery. We will not use it to contact you unnecessarily or for telemarketing of any kind.

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Updated: December, 2017

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