Tenth Anniversary Good Old Boat Regatta -Annapolis

Sponsored by Good Old Boat Magazine
Hosted by Shearwater Sailing Club

October 10 & 11, 2009
Annapolis, MD

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2009 Good Old Boat Regatta Report

Ten years of racing fun and no protests
by Don Frye, Good Old Boat Regatta Co-Founder

The bare beginnings of Saturday night's GOBR party. (Tom Sliter photo)

For the GOBR's 10th birthday, over 70 skippers with 44 different designs, some from as far away as New Jersey, descended upon Annapolis, Maryland, to race and party. But, mainly, it was to celebrate 10 years of an event dedicated to an under-served sailing segment: old boats and their owners who enjoy a fun low-pressure racing.

The only problem was that the wind gods didn't get the memo. Saturday was a total blow-out. Literally! With consistent 18-knot winds punctuated by gusts of more than 20 knots, the race committee canceled after 2 hours because getting beat up by wind and seas is no fun. And fun is the primary goal of all GOBRs.

Dog on board

This may be a dog-eat-dog sport but I'll settle for a biscuit and a pat. (Tom Sliter photo)

Sunday morning brought flat seas and no wind but the race committee was determined to stage some semblance of a race for the GOBR 10th anniversary, so they postponed and did wind chants. Meanwhile, the waiting-for-the-wind zaniness started with water gun fights and mock motorized naval battles with water bucket broadsides. In the middle of it all, Triton owner and Monty Python addict, Dan Lawrence motored by the race committee boat to show off his new strategy to destroy the competition: the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. As it turned out later, the Killer Rabbit was vanquished without use of the Holy Hand Grenade.

Boat called Honalee

The tiny Herreshoff Rozinante which proved to be a giant killer in Full Keel 2. (Tom Sliter photo)

As the 2-plus-hour wait wore on, more and more entrants withdrew and motored off. It seemed as if the event might be canceled by the entrants before the race committee gave it up. Finally a light but consistent easterly filled in, so a 5-mile government mark “B-A-B-A” course was set and the fleets took off. A short time later, the first wind holes appeared to trap and stall the unsuspecting. The wind was saying bye-bye to the “B-A-B-A” course, so the committee shortened at the second passing of “B.”

The Killer Rabbit

The Killer Rabbit of Carbannog with mandatory PFD. (Tom Sliter photo)

At night, the parties lived up to traditional GOBR standards with Good Old Boat Regatta musicians performing while Alfred Poor poured his magic elixir Dark 'n' Stormies. Saturday night was the highlight as co-founders Charlie Husar and Don Frye saluted all of the people who have contributed to the event's 10-year success. Heading the list were Karen Larson and Jerry Powlas, founders and editors of primary sponsor Good Old Boat magazine, who, when hearing of the brand-new event 10 years ago, called and asked, “How can we help?” Then, there was SpinSheet, which has photographed the event and provided continual coverage and support. A big salute went to Bob and Cindi Gibson, who have donated use of their home and marina for the many parties, along with host club Shearwater Sailing Club and Les Hester of Herr's Foods who has donated chips, pretzels and snacks for several years.

But the biggest salute went to the GOBR entrants themselves. In 10 years, there hasn't been one protest. Well yes, there have been fouls and rules violations, but in every instance the offenders have taken a self-imposed penalty or voluntarily withdrawn.

It is that type of attitude which has made the GOBR the enjoyable 10-year continuing success it is.

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Race Results

Sunday, October 11 (only race held)

  • Cal 25
    1. Fahrvergnugen, Charlie Husar
    2. Krigare, Erik & Marty Lostram
    3. Zephyr, Dave Hoyt

  • Many kinds of racers

    A few of the 44 different designs entered in this year's GOBR as seen from GOBR party central. (Dave Hoyt photo)

  • Tartan 30
    1. Windrift, Brad Whitehurst

  • SS Catlina 38
    1. Escape, Mike Norcross

  • Triton
    1. Triton's Fury, Tom O'Farrell
    2. Sandpiper, Dan Lawrence

  • Tartan 37
    1. Solstice, Beth Berry

  • Fin Keel 1
    1. Hanau, Nikos Singelis
    2. Chandelle, Pete Holden
    3. Adventure, Pat Nolan

  • Fin Keel 2
    1. Christina, John Hills
    2. Vee Two One, John Oliver
    3. Checkmate, Cindi Gibson

  • Full Keel 1
    1. Scrimshaw, Charles Deakyne

  • Full Keel 2
    1. Honalee, Paul & Dawn Miller

2009 Good Old Boat Regatta Overall Awards

  • Best performance by a racing skipper: Fahrvergnugen, Charlie Husar

  • Best performance by a cruising skipper: Escape, Mike Norcross

  • Best performance by an all-woman crew: Checkmate, Cindi Gibson

  • Oldest boat in competition: Honalee, 1962 Herreshoff Rozinante, Paul and Dawn Miller

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