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We've recently discovered how well some sailing stories can be told with the help of a video camera and slides. So our first attempts will expand with more Dock Walks about specific boats, Boat Project how-to clips, and Cookin' on the Hook tales of the good life in the galley.

If you'd like to add a video to our growing collection, contact Michael Facius for formatting information and recommendations regarding content and process.

Good Old Boat troubadour Tom Wells wrote a song for the editors about the joys of owning two sailboats: their Lake Superior boat and the trailerable they launched in the summer of 2014. The song is called Mystic Sunflower and here's a video that celebrates having the choice of blue or yellow. (2:23 minutes)

The Good Old Boat booth at the Annapolis Sailboat Show had many great volunteers helping out in 2011. Here are a few we got on video. Also take a look at our recent sneak peek of the Strictly Sail Pacific show we attended in April 2012 at

This video is about the history of Dickerson Boat Builders which built more than 400 wooden and fiberglass boats from 1946 to 1987 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The boats are truly classic ranging from day sailors to Bay Boats for Watermen and over 50 foot schooners. -- Joe Slavin, Dickerson Owners Association.

And here's some more, a video article on the history of Gozzard Yachts.

Professional musician and sailor Al McKegg spent a couple of days entertaining the visitors (and the staff!) at the Good Old Boat booth during the 2010 Annapolis boat show (2:50 minutes). One look at this singalong will convince you we all had a good time. Why not join us next year? This video is followed by two earlier interviews with the editors at the show, one in 2009 (2:21 minutes) and another in 2006 (8:28 minutes).

The Good Old Boat booth at the Annapolis Boatshow was a fun place to visit in 2010.  Here is a video of some highlights.   Tom Wells, our Troubadour and his wife Sandy provide some great entertainment and Patty Facius interviews  Brian Koger and Donna and Dave Newell who volunteered in the booth.

Tory Salvia, of the, sends us this video interview with Lin and Larry Pardey discussing the Far Horizons Award they received in March 2010 from the Cruising Club of America at the New York Yacht Club in NYC. See a Sampler of 25 documentaries available from here.

Meet some of the volunteers who helped us out at the 2009 Annapolis Boat Show.

A gentle walk around the Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show in Oakland, CA, 2010.

Dock Walks

A 1975 Glander Tavana 33 we found at the Schooner Bay Marina near Bayfield, Wisconsin one October afternoon. About 5 minutes in length.

Boat Projects

How we designed and installed a radar antenna on the split backstay of a C&C 30. Includes design considerations, materials, tools and costs. About 5 minutes in length.

Yes Sir, she's our baby! Just a teaser video commemorating that Mystic finally got her deck repainted. 1 minute.

Telltale Window replacement. Installing or replacing a plastic telltale window pane in a jib. About 7-1/2 minutes.

Winch Maintenance. Jerry Powlas presents a brief (9 min.) primer on removing, cleaning and greasing your good old winch.

In this video Joel Hoover replaces a broken spreader and opens a bag of worms. About 10 minutes, on

Cookin' On a Hook

For those who use a pressurized alcohol stove for cooking aboard, here are some things to think about to avoid dangerous flareups while cooking. About 2 minutes in length.

Karen Larson offers us a simple recipe for making bread aboard Mystic, the editors' C&C 30. Including recipes in a PDF format.

Here is an easy, simple, delicious way to make vegetables in foil on your grill.  About 2 minutes.

What's More

Loon Dance - Good Old Boat founders Karen and Jerry had a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Lake Superior's Isle Royale National Park when they witnessed a couple of loons fighting over territory next to their boat. It seemed like a dance to the delighted observers, but to the loons it was all about intimidation and fishing rights in a prime location.

Europa - Good Old Boat founders Karen and Jerry had quite an experience as they came across the tall ship Europa on its way to a Tall Ship gathering in Duluth. They radioed to the ship that they were going to sail around her for photos, and the captain said he'd put on some more sail to make her more picturesque.

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