Yes, I would like a free sample issue

We are happy to send a free sample copy of our magazine to any sailor who is interested in knowing more about "the sailing magazine for the rest of us." Once our kind of sailor has a copy in hand, we know he will probably subscribe.

Sometimes overly enthusiastic "free stuff sites" tell their visitors about our free sample offer, and we are deluged by requests for copies from non-sailors who are unlikely to subscribe. While we love to introduce our magazine to fellow sailors, we are less enthusiastic if they're non-sailors looking for "free stuff."

When we get this kind of run on our sample copies we run out of magazines and waste hundreds of dollars in postage. This is difficult for a small business to absorb.

That just happened to us. We've run out of sample copies. So here's what we'll do until the false interest in our free samples passes once more.

Please go to our subscription page. There you will have to subscribe with your credit card. Your first copy of that subscription will be free. In other words, you'll receive 7 issues for the price of 6 issues. When you get the first issue take a look at it, and, if you don't like the magazine, tell us and we'll refund your money, and that first copy will be free.

We're sorry for the hassle, but we have no recourse against those who would drown us in unproductive and illegitimate sample requests.

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