Dinghy Davits

May 2008 Dinghy-Stowage Solution Article

Davits Project Costs and Tools List
by Paul Ring

This is a supplement to the article printed in Good Old Boat magazine, May 2008.

Project costs

The costs of this project are the actual amounts I incurred, or are from catalogs and other price lists, or are estimates. I have indicated each case. Taxes are not included

Ash lumber, 5.2 board feet @ $4.12, Woodcraft Inc., actual
Mahogany, 2 board feet @ $6.00, estimate
1/4-inch luan plywood, 2 square feet, estimate
Rail clamps, 2 pair @ $14.95 + $5.95 shipping, Heml Products, Inc.
Micro blocks, 2 @ $8.29, West Marine, actual
Carabiners, 2-inch without eye, 2 @ $7.79, West Marine, actual
Cleats, Nylon, 2 inch, 2 @ $1.09, West Marine, actual
Double pulley, 1 ea., Ace Hardware, actual
Rope, 1/4-inch nylon, 35 feet @ $.39, West Marine, actual
Epoxy, quart w/ hardener, West Marine, catalog
Colloidal Silica, 1.7 oz., West Marine, catalog
Foam roller covers, 2-pack, West Marine, catalog
Miscellaneous supplies, sandpaper, varnish, etc., estimate

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Tools list

This tool list includes the tools necessary for this project, along with those that are nice to have, and are so identified. Ordinary hand tools such as a hammer, screwdrivers, squares, etc. are not listed.

Table saw - Necessary
Band saw - Not essential, but very useful
Thickness planer - Only needed if your table saw didn't do a good job ripping the ash boards to laminating size
Electric hand planer - If you don't have one, borrow one, or very carefully sharpen your hand plane
Router - Needed to put a 1/4-inch round over on the davit edges, or the edges could be rounded slightly with sandpaper by hand
Power disc sander - Not essential, as a substitute, a jig for accurate hand sanding could be made, as shown in the illustration below
Electric drill - Surely you have one
Drill press - Not essential. As a substitute, a dowelling jig can be used with an electric drill
Sharp chisels - Two, one 1/2-inch and one 1/4-inch

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